My wealth building model is to align us with respected and proven professionals who are investing in income-producing real estate that has value add opportunity through rehab, remodel, or rebranding. In pooling our resources we grow both the reach and scope of our portfolio, and thus multiply our return on investment.


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 Mallard Creek Apartments- Closed Deal.

144 unit apartment community

Highlights of this deal

  • 30+ year Fixed Debt.

  • B+ Class Asset.

  • Strong Economy with Local Job Growth.

  • World Class Asset Management.

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“I exist to make an impact”


Ellis moved to San Diego, CA immediately out of college to start a Christian non-profit focused on serving the city of San Diego through leader and spiritual development at the college level. He saw first hand the challenges, particularly in regards to funding, for non-profits like his own, and began to search for his own ways to create wealth in order to support the ventures he was involved in. Ellis is passionate about investing in wealth producing vehicles for long term financial growth and life changing impact.  


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